The Site Of Jürgen Moßgraber

This is my private Homepage. Everything on these pages is somehow related to music. Check out my current and past bands, see my recording studio and download some free music software I wrote.

20.06.2024 Released ProjectConverter 1.2.3.
16.06.2024 Released ConvertWithMoss 10.1.
11.06.2024 Released ConvertWithMoss 10.
24.05.2024 Released ConvertWithMoss 9.5.0. As well as ProjectConverter 1.2.2.
20.05.2024 Released DrivenByMoss 23.2.2 for Bitwig and Reaper.
03.05.2024 Released ConvertWithMoss 9.0.1.
11.04.2024 Released DrivenByMoss 23.2.1 for Bitwig and Reaper.
08.04.2024 Updated the Studio and Music section.
06.04.2024 Released ConvertWithMoss 8.0.0.