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As you may notice from this ... hmm ... interesting picture I am (mainly) playing keyboards.

Current Bands and Projects
mossifier mossifier - Project Kite mossifier is my solo project. The musical style of the project is electronic, somewhere between EBM and synth pop, but other influences shine through as well, be it some heavy guitars or even a floydish prog solo section chiming in. Meanwhile, I released 3 albums.
Bordermachine Bordermachine Logo Bordermachine is a new project I started in 2024 with my good friend Beat from Switzerland. The musical style of the project is electronic synth pop. In April 2024 we released our 1st EP.
Arilyn Arilyn Live in Rotherham / England Arilyn plays a mixture of progressive, melodic and classic rock since over 20 years and released several albums.
Individual Totem Individual Totem Electronic Music with Synthesizers and Computers. This band exists since the 90s and I joined it in 2012. So far we released 2 new albums, namely Kyria 13 and Electrostatic.
The Krauts The Krauts Musik mit Liebe - Liebe mit Musik. The comedy cover band you simply need to book!
EK-Lounge EK-Lounge Session 16 An ambient music fun project in which I participate from time to time.
Former Bands and Projects
audiogolem Audiogolem Improvised groovy electronic music.
Dean Dean Bandphoto My former band which I quit at the end of 1998.
Spiegel & Die Aliberts Spiegel & Die Aliberts A really funny and crazy band which was playing rock with german lyrics.
EISKALT Eiskalt MusicScene 1989 This was the first band I was playing in. You can now take a look at the complete list of the gigs with lots of funny photos and critics (pages are in German).