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Licensed under LGPLv3.

Converts multisamples in a specific source format to a different destination format. Furthermore, it can create multisample files from plain WAV files.

The following multisample formats are supported as the source and destination formats:

  1. WAV files (*.wav)
  2. Bitwig Studio multisample (*.multisample)
  3. SFZ (*.sfz)
  4. SoundFont 2 (*.sf2) - only as source
  5. DecentSampler (*.dspreset, *.dslibrary)
  6. Akai MPC Keygroups (*.xpm)
  7. Korg wavestate/modwave (*.korgmultisample)
  8. Korg KMP/KSF (*.KMP)

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Note: Read the installation notes in the manual first, especially for Macos!

Release Version # Operating System Download
09.06.2022 5.1 The Manual
Download the ConvertWithMoss manual ConvertWithMoss-Manual.pdf
Download ConvertWithMoss for Windows ConvertWithMoss-5.1.msi
Download ConvertWithMoss for Macos ConvertWithMoss-5.1.dmg
Download ConvertWithMoss for Linux convertwithmoss_5.1-1_amd64.deb