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DrivenByMoss 4 Reaper - Support for several hardware controllers

Licensed under LGPLv3 - LGPLv3.

This is a tool which allows to use lot of hardware controllers with Cockos Reaper. This software adapts my Bitwig Studio extensions for Reaper (see DrivenByMoss). Most of the features of the supported controllers are also available for Reaper with the expected limitations to the different concept of Reaper (e.g. no Scenes, no Clips, no Sequencers).

For the documentation of the individual device features please refer to the Bitwig DrivenByMoss GitHub .

See the included DrivenByMoss4Repaer-Install.txt for detailed installation instructions.

For discussion go to the Reaper forum: DrivenByMoss4Reaper thread.

v2.10 Download the DrivenByMoss4Reaper tool