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Me acting

As you may notice from this ... hmm ... interesting picture I am (mainly) playing keyboards.

Current Bands and Projects
Arilyn Arilyn Live in Rotherham / England This is my main band. We are playing a mixture of progressive, melodic and classic rock.
Individual Totem Individual Totem Electronic Music with Synthesizers and Computers.
The Krauts The Krauts Musik mit Liebe - Liebe mit Musik
audiogolem Audiogolem Improvised groovy electronic music.
EK-Lounge EK-Loune Session 16 An ambient music fun project in which I participate from time to time.
Former Bands and Projects
Dean Dean Bandphoto My former band which I quit at the end of 1998.
Spiegel & Die Aliberts Spiegel & Die Aliberts A really funny and crazy band which was playing rock with german lyrics.
EISKALT Eiskalt MusicScene 1989 This was the first band I was playing in. You can now take a look at the complete list of the gigs with lots of funny photos and critics (pages are in German).