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This software allows you to create any number of set lists for Native Instruments KORE 2. A set list consists of a number of KORE Performances in your preferred order. You can switch (load) to the next or previous performance or directly select a performance (also via Midi CC).

The SetlistManager! in action

How to use

  1. Unzip the files to any folder you prefer. There is no further installation required.
  2. Start KORE
  3. Start the SetlistManager!: SetlistManager.exe
  4. Choose Add from the Performance menu.
  5. Navigate to the directory which contains the performances you want to add to your set list.
  6. Select the performances you want to add to the set list. Note that you can select more than one performance by holding down the CTRL key. Also note that you can performances from other directories you just have to call up the Add function again.
  7. If you accidently added a wrong Performance simply choose Remove.
  8. You can also add dividers (Performance -> Add Divider) to sum up the time length column.
  9. Arrange the performances in your preferred order by choosing Move Up and/or Move Down from the Performance menu.
  10. Save your newly created Setlist by choosing Save from the File menu. SetlistManager! automatically reloads the last loaded set list at start up.
  11. Now you can call up a specific Performance by double clicking it with the left mouse key.
  12. Switch to the next Performance in order by pressing the Space key on your computer keyboard.
  13. Switch to the previous Performance in order by pressing the Space key on your computer keyboard and holding down the CTRL key.

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Technical notes


System Requirements See the requirements for AutoHotkey
Download Size 203 KB
Download Download SetlistManager!

If you want to modify the script you can download it here:

Download the SetlistManager! script

Copyright Note

SetlistManager! is Freeware. Feel free to do with it whatever you want. If you modify the script and add new ideas and features I'd like to see them.