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Max For Live Plugins

Track Controller

Allows you to control the volume, solo, mute, record, send 1 and 2, the first 8 controls of the currently selected track. To use it

  1. create a midi track (e.g. call it utility)
  2. load the track controller plugin into it
  3. midi learn all or some of the controls of the plugin to you midi controller
  4. select the track to control and tweak

Note: The 8 device knobs control the device parameters 2 to 9 (1 is the on/off-switch) of the first plugin of the selected channel. This is intended to be used with a rack. Wrap all plugs of the channel into a rack and map its 8 controls to your preferred controls of the individual track plugins.

The 8 Select & Record buttons allow you to switch to the specific track and enable it's record button, all other tracks record button will be disabled automatically.

OH Display

Displays a window with 128 slots if it receives a midi program change. The slot with the matching program number is also selected. The window automatically hides itself after some seconds if it does not receive another program change. Use this plugin to have a kind of overhead display for selecting sounds.

  1. Put the plugin in front of a VST plugin which reacts to program changes.
  2. Click the Edit Patch Names button
  3. Enter the names of the sound in the slots (double click a slot with the mouse to edit). This must be done by hand because the Live API does not support to read the VST patch names from a plugin (if you know of a way please tell me).
  4. Alternatively you can load the names from a text file (one name per line).

Note: You can also use the OHDisplay with a rack.

  1. Put the OH Display plugin in front of the rack
  2. Put the Dial To Program Change (see below) in front of the OH Display plugin
  3. Wrap the 2 plugins and the rack into a new rack
  4. Double map a controller knob of the new rack to the Program # knob of the Dial To Program Change plugin and to the Chain selector of the rack
  5. Map the controller knob to your midi controller

DrumSeq V2

DrumSeq is a simple 8 track 16 step sequencer for the Novation Launchpad.

Usage in Ableton Live:

Usage on the Launchapd:



A squarified version of a hexagon note layout for the User Mode 2 of the Novation Launchpad. Put in front of a midi instrument.

Dial To Program Change

The knob sends out program changes. If you midi learn the knob to a midi CC controller you can use it to convert midi CC to program changes (useful if your midi controller does not support to send midi program changes).

The two buttons allows you to de-/increase the program change value by 1.


Allows to move the play position of all clips of a scene with a slider.

I use this to solve the following problem: For an electronic live project I have a couple of backing tracks to which additional synths are played live. I split up each song into separate tracks like drums, bass, pad, etc. For practicing I would like to move the play position to a specific section of the song which need some practicing. Out of the box you can do this only for single clips in live. With the Winder device you can adjust the play position of all clips in a scene.

Usage: Put it into the master track. Select and start a scene. Adjust the slider. All clips on the scene should have the same length.

Track Controller Download Track Controller
OH Display Download OH Display
DrumSeq V2 Download DrumSeq V2
Squaron Download Squaron
Dial To Program Change Download DialToProgramChange
Winder Download Winder

Copyright Note

The plugins are Freeware. Feel free to do with them whatever you like. If you modify them and add new ideas and features I'd like to see them.