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Christian Külbs | Jürgen Moßgraber | Jürgen Kaletta | Christof Doll

Christian Külbs - Vocals / Bass

Christian Külbs For some people, music means everything. Christian is a good example for those kind of freaks. He started recording his first songs at the age of 6 with a simple 2-track recorder given to him by his father. By the years he composed more and more songs and one day he had the idea to found a rockband. First he played the keyboards, but after 2 years he realized that he was more interested in singing. His voice is one of the main parts of Arilyn's music.

Together with Jürgen Kaletta and Christof Doll he founded at the age of 15 his first band. Since this time Christian joined different bands and productions.

His voice is one of the striking parts of Arilyn. Together with his band colleagues he is running the Strange Sound Studio which is located in Ludwigshafen in an old world war bunker. Besides the work as a musician he's getting more into the work behind the mixing desk as a producer.

Meanwhile he is also present in England as a singer and has co-operated in 2007 with the English musician and film composer Rob Gould as a guest's singer on his new CD. Music round-the-clock? No problem for Christian.

Jürgen Moßgraber - Keyboards

Jürgen Moßgraber Jürgen plays the space-part in Arilyn's music. In his childhood, he was terrorising innocent home-organs with rocksongs. After he joined his first band Eiskalt he played in several other local rockbands of different music-styles. If you like to know more about this period you can check out the music section of his private web-site.

His favorite kind of music ist the so called prog-rock or art-rock. The keyboard players of those famous bands had great influence on his keyboard playing. Together with modern sounds this creates the spacy sound of Arilyn's music.

Jürgen Kaletta - Guitar

Jürgen Kaletta It has to be ROCK! Jürgen started his music career as a singer but exchanged the microphone with the guitar after a few years. He is not the session guy but instead he plans exactly every single note to create his own typical guitar sound for the band.

He also played with Christian in several music projects and likes space-rock and gothic. Jürgen worked quite hard in the last few years to find his typical unique sound now well known from the songs of Arilyn.

Christof Doll - Drums / Percussion

Christof Doll Christof is the groove-man. He always played beside Arilyn in several other projects like jazz, blues and reggae. He was also a part of the former band of Christian and Jürgen since 1992.

His way of playing the drums and the brilliant evenings "apart" from the music life have made him irreplaceable. His everyday life looks different. As a master of the electrical engineering his daily work is about visiting building sites and customer appointments. Therefore playing the drums is his relaxation to keep the balance. So if there are electricity problems at an Arilyn gig we are prepared...


After the split up of their former band Desperation, Christian, Jürgen and Christof decided to go on and build up a new band with a different musical focus. It should be a mixture of melodic rock, atmospheric keyboard sounds, powerful vocals and it should be presented with a psychedelic light and stage show. As Jürgen Moßgraber entered the band to play the keyboards, the music turned into what ARILYN calls space-rock. Finally in 2000 the new band ARILYN was founded.

After some time of writing new songs and presenting them live on stage the need for a full length album arose. So the work on Tomorrow Never Comes, their first longplayer, began. In january 2002 a record-label from Heidelberg got interested in their music and after hearing the master-cd, Quixote-Music gave them their first record-deal. Tomorrow never comes was release in July 2002. The release of the album was followed with a lot of live gigs and a TV appearance. The reviews of the fans and magazine reviewers were great and praised the first work of the band.

Quite quickly the band got in contact with the english press and were invited several times to the yearly Classic Rock Society Award Night.
ARILYN had to move their studio in 2004 to a bunker where the recordings for the second album Virtual Reality started. In 2005 ARILYN played for the first time outside of Germany at the Rotherham Rocks Festival. In 2007 this evolved to a complete England tour with the hightlight playing as support for Spock's beard.


2015 Arilyn started working on their new album and finished 6 songs.
2014 The acoustic album "A Stripped-Down Journey" was released in May.
2013 Release of our 4th album "Shadows Of The Past". Recording of our acoustic album "A Stripped-Down Journey"
2012 Recording and mixing of our 4th album "Shadows Of The Past". England Tour with our friends of The Dreaming Tree.
2011 Playing several cool gigs which put the new songs for the album to the test. Planning of the England Tour 2012.
2010 Renovation of the Arilyn studio.
2009 Arilyn are working on their 4th album and first ideas are carved in stone.
2008 During an England tour we meet the band "The Dreaming Tree". It was love at first sight. Since then gigging together is a must. The first Arilyn live DVD was released in November.
2007 The new album Alter Ego will was released in may. Arilyn also played an England tour in may.
2006 Arilyn played a brilliant short tour in England and several gigs in Germany promoting their new album. In fall the recording of their third long player Alter Ego has started.
2005 The new album Virtual Reality is completed. For the first time ARILYN played outside of Germany at the Rotherham Rocks Festival in England. The new album Virtual Reality is released in June.
2004 In May the recordings for the second album are started. ARILYN move their studio to a bunker in Ludwigshafen. Chaos reigns with recording and building the new studio only interrupted by a second invitation to England.
2003 ARILYN play some legendary gigs and continue to promote their debut album. The music press commends the new album and ARILYN are guests at the Classic-Rock-Society-Award in England.
2002 ARILYN sign their first record deal with Quixote-Music. The debut album Tomorrow Never Comes is released in July. Followed by a lot of gigs and a first television appearance at RNF Plus.
2001 Christian founds the Strange-Sound-Studio. In october the recording for the debut album starts in the new studio. At the end of the year they got in contact with the record label Quixote-Music located in Heidelberg.
2000 Foundation of ARILYN after the split of the former band Desperation with a new musical direction.
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