Unplugged Summer and into Autumn17.8.2016

Last Friday we had a nice and relaxed gig at the kulTurm in Ludwigshafen. It was great to see all you lovely people there!

Sadly this is our only gig this year since we are working hard on the next album! Currently, we are rehearsing the new songs and putting the final touches on them before we hit the studio in autumn and record all the stuff.

A happy new year from Arilyn!05.01.2016

We hope you had a great start into 2016!
We were a bit lazy with updats on our homepage the last year since all info was posted on Facebook. But now it is overhauled and all the missing stuff from 2015 is here:

In 2016 we will continue to work on our new album (6 songs are already finished and approved live)!

Unplugged Summer22.6.2015

Before rocking out in Autumn we will do a relaxed Summer and play 3 Acoustic gigs.

  • 17.07.15 kulTurm - Ludwigshafen
  • 18.07.15 Private Party
  • 25.07.15 Four Friends Festival - Lambsheim
We hope to see you there!

Back To The Isle!28.3.2015

We will tour England again

Yes, it's true. Ende of April we will come to England again and join our friend of The Dreaming Tree. The confirmed dates so far are:

  • The Dreaming Tree & Arilyn Live @ The Haygate Telford Saturday, 2nd May 21:00 (UTC+01)
  • The Dreaming & Arilyn Live at The Bradmore Club Wolverhampton Thursday, 30th April 20:00 (UTC+01)
See you!

2015 rocks!6.1.2015

We hope you all had a great start into 2015!

We already have some Arilyn goodies in the pile to come up this year. We have started working on new music and already the first tracks are ready!

Gigwise there is also good news: We are planning to tour England this year! More info to come. In Summer there will be traditional acoustic gig at the kulTurm / Ludwigshafen and the crazy Fo(u)r Friends Festival is also decided to be happening again.

See you!

Acoustic Evening21.8.2014

Join us for an acoustic evening in November! We will play material from A Stripped Down Journey and much more!

Video Online28.4.2014

The video of Virtual Reality is complete. It's amazing and we want to thank MKD Productions for their awesome work.
Also many thanks to Rülzheim for providing us with the great location!

The release of the album A Stripped Down Journey is the 2nd of May.

New album release!5.2.2014

After their debut album Tomorrow Never Comes - which in 2002 had instantly stirred sensation even beyond their home country - and the critically acclaimed follow-ups Virtual Reality (2005), Alter Ego (2007) and Shadows Of The Past (2013) the art rockers from Ludwigshafen/Germany will show a new facet of their music: The by fans highly requested acoustic album A Stripped-Down Journey will be released at the 2nd of May 2014. Beyond the usual lets-do-an-unplugged-album idea, long known and loved Arilyn songs appear in completely new funky and jazzy outfits.

2014 rocks!17.1.2014

We hope you all had a great start into 2014!

We already have some Arilyn goodies in the pile to come up this year. The new Arilyn Acoustic album is in its final stages and we hope to announce a release date soon!

Gigwise there is also good news: We will open the gig-year on the 14th February at the Zuckerfabrik in Frankenthal. In Summer there will be traditional acoustic gig at the kulTurm / Ludwigshafen and the crazy Fo(u)r Friends Festival is also decided to be happening again.

See you!

Frankenthal canceled!6.11.2013

Leider müssen wir den Auftritt am Freitag in der Zuckerfabrik absagen. Aus gesundheitlichen Gründen kann einer der Jungs bis auf weiteres nicht auftreten bzw. musikalisch tätig werden. Wir bedauern das sehr und nach Rücksprache mit den Verantwortlichen besteht wohl die Möglichkeit den Gig im April nachzuholen.

Wir sind alle sehr traurig, aber die die uns kennen wissen das uns die Entscheidung nicht leicht gefallen ist.

Wir halten Euch auf dem Laufenden.

P.S. Der Gig am 07.12. in Landau ist davon NICHT betroffen.

Unfortunately we have to cancel the gig on Friday due to health reasons. We are very sad about it, but the health of the band members is more important than anything else.

We'll keep you up to date.

The end is near (of the year)!1.11.2013

As usual time flies and the end of 2013 is already getting closer. But before that we will rock out a little bit more. Come to see us in Frankenthal at the 8th of November. After that we will switch to Christmas mode and have a soft Acoustic gig at the Rhumbar in Landau featuring the HERZBLUT band.

Life is live!17.7.2013

Just a few days and we will again headline the Fo(u)r Friends Festival. Don't miss the chance to see great bands and have a lot of fun. we are very happy that our good friends, the english band The Dreaming Tree, will come to Germany to play the festival with us.


Hide Away My Tears Video

We were quite busy in the last time. After the release of our new CD we produced a video which you can watch on Youtube.
Also some reviews of the CD are chiming in, like World Of Prog (German) or DPRP.
We will start the festival season at the 5th of July with an Unplugged Gig. And there will be a one day England tour but with 2 gigs, note the 24th of August and stay tuned for more info.

CD-Release Party3.2.2013

Cover of the new album Shadows Of The Past

We finally finished our CD Shadows Of The Past and to celebrate that we playing a gig at the 22nd of February at the 7er Club in Mannheim/Germany.

We will play together with HERZLOGIK


A happy new year with a lot of news!3.1.2013

Cover of the new album Shadows Of The Past

We'd like to wish all our friends a happy new year!

There is a lot of stuff in the works for 2013! First it will see the release of our new album Shadows Of The Past. We finally set the release date to the 1st of March. Check out the discography section for the full track list.

Furthermore we are working on our first video! It will feature the track Hide Away My Tears from the new album.

Besides that we are planning a lot of gigs for this year. We hope to see you on the road!

The end is near (of the year)7.11.2012

2013 is approaching quickly and we still hope to release our new CD Shadows Of The Past this year. Currently the cover layout is in the works and needs to be finished quickly.
In parallel we are also planning new gigs for 2013. The first is settled on the 1st of February at the Zuckerfabrik in Frankenthal. And if everything works out our English friends can look forward to a visit as well!

Fo(u)r Friends Festival10.8.2012

Arilyn @ Four Friends Festival

Again a great Fo(u)r Friends Festival has happened! Many thanks to the uncountable volunteers! Without you this event could not happen! See you next year!

Many news10.7.2012

Cover of the new album Shadows Of The Past

Something's happening on the Arilyn bandwagon! In the second half of the year we will play some gigs, including the fantastic Fo(u)r Friends Festival, the Rhumbar in Landau and for the first time in Leimersheim at the Rheinschänke. There Rheinschänke gig will also be the rare opportunity to experience us 'Unplugged'.

Back from the isle28.5.2012

Back from the isle

We had a great time over in England. Again we met a lot of friends and made some new ones. Thanks again to The Dreaming Tree and Rob Gould for preparing and organising all of the gigs. Check out the Live section for a couple of pictures from the three gigs.

England Tour01.04.2012

Arilyn and TDT

Finally we will make it over again to the isle. We will join our friends from The Dreaming Tree for 2 gigs. Check out the Live section for more infos.

Merry christmas and a happy new year!25.12.2011

... from Arilyn!
As a present we are releasing a new video every week! Check out our Youtube channel.

Arilyn Unplugged @ kulTurm 201120.8.2011

Arilyn Unplugged @ kulTurm 2011

Here are some pictures for you from our acoustic gig at the kulTurm in Ludwigshafen: Unplugged @ kulTurm

Fo(u)r Friends Festival 20117.8.2011

Arilyn live at Fo(u)r Friends Festival 2011

At the 30th of July our Fo(u)r Friends Festival was happening again. This year even our friends from the band The Dreaming Tree came over from the isle and joined us in rocking the Dollfield.

Thanks to all those helpful people: without you it could not have happended!

Who could not have been there, here are some pictures for you: Fo(u)r Friends Festival

ARILYN - Today Live in Landau 4.6.2011

Am 04. Juni um 17 Uhr werden die Jungs ein Benefizkonzert in Landau zugunsten des St. Paulusstifts spielen.
Schule des Caritas-F�rderzentrums St. Laurentius und Paulus
Queichheimer Hauptstr. 235
76829 Landau/Queichheim

Heute Abend nicht verpassen: Arilyn live...8.4.2011

... im 7er Club in Mannheim. Wir entern um ca. 20:30 Uhr die Bühne!

Acoustic Gig confirmed!29.1.2011

At the 12th August we will play at the http://www.kulturm.de in Ludwigshafen. For the first time we will perform an acoustic gig. This will be a lovely outside event with lots of ballads and love :-)

We welcome you all in 2011!!!!!11.1.2011

This year our 4th album will hopefully be done and we will be back on stage for a couple of gigs.
First gig to be confirmed this year will be on 08.04.11 in 7er CLUB in MANNHEIM, supporting the tribute band `Boehse Bengelz`.
We hope to see you guys supporting the bands on this event!!!!!!!!!!!
Watch out for more ARILYN gigs to come....
Cheers, dudes

New gear02.11.2010

The recording of the new CD is getting nearer so it was time to get some new gear for creating the fattest sound EVER!

Fo(u)r Friends Festival01.09.2010


Arilyn will at the 4th September at the 2nd Fo(u)r Friends Festival. It is a private festival for invited guests only. To get an invitation contact us on our Facebook-Page.


  • Arilyn (Rock)
  • Chainbrook (Rock)
  • Without Stars
  • Toby Ses
  • V.I. So Fly (Electro R&B)
  • Audiogolem (Ambient Chill-Out)

New Gig06.05.2010


After a long time of stage abstinence Arilyn is playing live at the 3rd July live at the kulTurm / Ludwigshafen.

Happy New Year!04.01.2010

Keyboarder lost in snow

We wish all our friends a happy new year!

Finally we found some time to collect the reviews of our first DVD. Sadly there is none in English available, if you know of one please tell us (info at arilyn dot de).

This year we want to do much more with the band. The songs for the new CD are nearly finished and we hope to start recording soon.

Fo(u)r Friends Festival12.08.2009

Cover DVD Live in England

What to do if the possibilities to play live getting rarer and rarer? Easy: You have to organize your own concert. That's why we the did the first Fo(u)r Friends Festival this year. 4 bands rocked till late at night. Some pictures of the Arilyn gig are now online.

We are currently writing new songs fot...8.5.2009

... the next album. So far we finished 6 songs and we already have started with the next 3 ones. We hope to start recording in the next couple of month.


Cover DVD Live in England

Slow but steady the first reviews of our new Live DVD are rolling in. So far only german sites, the international ones take as usual a little bit longer. But if you want you can start up your Babelfish:

Roland's Prog World
Babyblaue Seiten

Back to the monkeys for a wrap up20.02.2009

Rhumbar Landau

Unbelievable how time flies. It feels like we came back from our England tour yesterday but it is already February 2009. The stuff to report from that time already piles up so here we go: Eduardo Capella our guitar immigrant-worker had to return to Brasil to his monkeys. Those poor animals were so sad about his absence so we had to let him go...
To have a look back at the great time you can now have a look at the pictures of our last gig with Eduardo:

Pictures Rhumbar / Landau

Also there's an interview with Paul Baker back from our England tour. The content is a little bit outdated due to Eduardo's leave but it is still fun to listen to:

Paul Baker Interview for ARfm Radio

All the best for your further live, Eduardo!

But now we tasted blood with extending the band. We are already rehearsing with a new guitar player. We can't tell you anything so far, but it looks (and sounds) really good!

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!13.12.2008

Arilyn rocking in Telford

As a present from us there are now tons of pictures of our England tour online.

Here we go:

Additionally there's also a new video up on Youtube:

Hail the ale - we are back!29.10.2008

Arilyn and The Dreaming Tree

After 11 days of tour craziness we are back in Germany! The English weather really tried it's best to make us stay because we couldn't leave the town due to street flooding. But after discovering secret roads (call it cow trails) described by a weird old lady who titled us love, sweetheart and pretty little girl (huh?) we managed even this.

Once again we made a lot of new friends especially the guys of The Dreaming Tree which are the English edition of Arilyn in regards to craziness. Their cover version of "Take Off" which they played for us at the last gig blew our minds!
The styles of both bands fit nicely together. Don't forget to check out their web page and Myspace page. Go listen and make friends with them!

For all the people who couldn't attend the shows here is a first impression what you did miss:

Thanks to all the people who supported us on the tour and watched our shows!
Especially Rob Gould our never tired tour manager!

Pictures of all the shows will follow soon.

Neue Arilyn DVD Live in England erscheint im November13.10.2008

Cover DVD Live in England

After 10 years of playing on stages all over Europes and releasing 3 albums, ARILYN will release their first LIVE DVD on November the 3rd. The DVD named Live in England contains the complete legendary gig at the Rotherham Rocks Festival 2005. Further the DVD provides an insight into the backstage world and will show Arilyns private tour diary. Together with a lot of specials like slideshows, another live performance from the England Tour 2006, a german tv performance and the making of the latest ARILYN album Alter Ego this DVD is a good chance to see ARILYN how they are and what the boys see and feel when they go crazy on the road.

You can already watch the trailer online:

OK UK 0810.10.2008


Our England tour OK UK 08 starts next week!



The Mood was a great location at which we played a fabulous gig last year. RIP.

Due to our never tired tour manager Rob Gould the venue for the gig has been quickly switched to:

The Eagle, Buxton (only two doors away :-))

The other great news is that Eduardo Capella will join us on guitar during the tour. Eduardo was a former member of the well known Brasilian Prog Metal Band Ashtar. This will give us the possibilty to perform some songs from our albums live that we couldn't reproduce so far.

We hope to see you at the gigs!

From London to Landau17.09.2008


Straight after our England tour in October we are playing one of our rare gigs in Germany!

All our fans who looked full of envy to the isle can now enjoy the usual Arilyn craziness at the Rhumbar in Landau. Join the (Halloween) party at the 31st October together with Chainbrook.

More infos as usual in the Live section.

Tour Dates England31.08.2008


Our England tour for October is getting closer. The confirmed dates so far are:

17.10.08 Southampton
18.10.08 London
19.10.08 New Mills
23.10.08 Buxton
24.10.08 Telford

More Infos

The ugliest band in the world06.08.2008

The Krauts Homepage

You may have already asked yourselve why there was no news on this site for quite a while. It was simply impossible because we drowned in work!

At first there is to report that we have founded the ugliest band in the world: The Krauts The Krauts offer and want only one thing: Fun (and of course more Kraut!)

Neverthless there is also lots of news about Arilyn:

In October our first live DVD should appear and we work hard to hold the deadline! More infos soon.

In addition, Arilyn will tour again in October through England! This time we will also tour the south stands including locations like Southampton and London.

Because we still couldn't get enough we also started to write new songs which will hopefully end up on a new CD planned for the next year.

So stay tuned for a hot autumn!

Rockin' into 200824.04.2008


There are now a couple of Pictures from our gig in the Rhumbar / Landau online.

Happy Easter21.03.2008


At short notice we play on the 5th April in the Rhumbar in Landau. Happy Easter!

Rockin' into 200825.01.2008


Rapidly we started into the new year with our visit at the Best-Of-The-Year Awards of the Classic Rock Society in England. As usual, we learnt many new things, e.g. that being gay is not a crime. Well, one never finishes learning. The proof photos are now Online.

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